Venus In Furs – Andy Warhol

The Factory looked amazing with all the hangers-on. The films that showed hours of banality, toilet flushing, Empire State Building at night, tinfoil wallpaper. DIY art.

It did kinda feel that Creation Records had something of that feel with McGee being the Warhol figure and loads of us around the periphery. Of course, The Velvet Underground came out of the Factory too, produced by Warhol – light shows and rock n roll, an amazing combination. Is there a better album of melody, aggression and variety in rock music than VU’s first! The first few Creation Records’ Christmas parties ended with as many people as possible on stage performing Sister Ray (from VU’s second album). Look at the single covers from early Creation, pure Warhol, simple prints, folded and put into flimsy plastic bags. What’s Happening is one of the best Creation Records artwork, a big hand playing a barre chord on an electric guitar. Fantastic!


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