Poor Old Soul – Postcard Records

I was a massive Postcard Records fan but of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera in particular. I had the singles with the free postcards and I loved the twee brown images. It was all such a breath of fresh air after dismal, long raincoat music and bands who didn’t ever smile. The music was melodic and rhythmic and had a light touch, mostly. Aztec Camera had one of Scotland’s best ever songwriters, Roddy Frame, and he was great even at such a young age. Mattress of Wire and Just Like Gold were wonderful singles. Orange Juice were a bit more hip, ditching the back-to-year-zero of punk, which was well overdue! It was nice to hear songs with titles like Falling and Laughing and Simply Thrilled Honey. The guitars were jangly and exciting to me. They were played with physical energy and emotion rather than with rock sustain which was becoming a bore – still electric though, still pop.
We started writing songs with melodies and didn’t need rock histrionics. This definitely came from Postcard. Our first single, Think, was produced by Television Personalities’ Joe Foster and Alan McGee turned up with a plastic red keyboard and another TVP, Dave Musker. Dave had never played with us before and he fitted in instantly. It turned out the same keyboard was used in the recording of Orange Juice’s single Blue Boy. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off my face if you tried…


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