Velocity Girl – Primal Scream

Now this is where it gets interesting. Our first gig at Alan McGee’s Living Room (right underneath London’s landmark Post Office Tower) included two Glaswegians in the bill going under the name Primal Scream. Wonderful soaring melodies, guitar played by Bobby Gillespie, bass by Jim Beattie and a drum machine. The songs and the coolness were there from day 1. Bobby’s amazing inquisitiveness about music, his waxing lyrical about 13th Floor Elevators and 60’s scene was infectious. If anyone defined Creation Records, it was Bobby. But God was he fussy! We had released quite a few songs before they got around to releasing something to their satisfaction. I’d been in the studio a few times and picked up a few tricks. So when the Primals (by this time a full band) went to record in Edinburgh, I went up and helped out. I remember trying to coax Bobby to sing a high part by standing beside him by the microphone in the live room and raising my arms in encouragement. I got the night bus back to London on the Sunday night and went straight to work in the morning.

We ended up playing lots of gigs together over the next five years across the country (also Bobby played drums for The Jesus and Mary Chain on the Germany tour), playing football together and talking about music and books. We had some great times together with the whole band and I have lots of memories. Their first single was 2 minutes of pop abandon and the b-side 2 more. Enjoy!


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