The Sun It Shines Here – Hurrah!

Hurrah! were one of the first groups I saw in the 80’s who had great pop songs and ‘in your face’ flyers. A call to get up off your arse and make music, to SAY SOMETHING. Their single “I’ll Be Your Surprise” was so fast and exciting I almost couldn’t bear it. The first of many times I saw them was in London at King’s College Students’ Union. I was blown away. They had everything: twin chiming guitars (including an amazing Burns 12-string), an amazingly cool, jazzy drummer (with shades of course), solid bass and the BEST tunes in the country. After they played I went up and introduced myself to one of the guitarist/singers, Paul, who was very shy and passed me onto Taffy. I said they should come and play our regular place, The Living Room. It never happened unfortunately. They already had proper management and a good label backing them, so a small indie club above a pub would have seemed like a downwards step to them. Funnily enough, a couple of years later, they were down playing London and, the night after, they came to see us play at a room above a pub (The Enterprise in Camden). We played a punky set and, afterwards, Paul and Taffy both came storming up to me praising me for my guitar playing, (a compliment that has stayed with me all my life). They had their gear outside and we asked if they’d play a set, so they did and it was an amazing set: no soundcheck, no big PA, just Hurrah! at their very best but in an intimate setting. I’m honoured to have been there. They went on to make some more cracking singles, but never got the success they richly deserved. Some of the best songs of the 80’s were theirs. They were the British Go-Betweens, songs just as good. Taffy is still making music as The Girl With The Replaceable Head and Paul as Bronze. My heart is still with them.


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